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(2 Pieces/Lot) Flashing Galactic Duelling Sabers!

(2 Pieces/Lot) Flashing Galactic Duelling Sabers!

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🌟 Unleash the Force with Our Galactic Duelling Sabers! 🎁 50% Off Holiday Offer!

Relive the most iconic duels from the Galaxy Far Far Away with our Galactic Duelling Sabers! The force may be strong in you, but nothing says Star Wars like the whirring hum of a lightsaber.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these real-life replicas of the franchise's iconic weapons are not as clumsy or random as a blaster. They're elegantly crafted, whether you're out to defend the republic or rule the galaxy.

Key Benefits:

  1. The Closest Thing to a Lightsaber: Emphasizing strong attention to detail, each Lightsaber comes with whirring sound effects and flash modes for an authentic dueling experience.
  2. Choose from Different Colors: Easily find the perfect saber color with a press of a button, whether you're aligned with the light or dark side of the force.
  3. Made for Every Fan: Whether reliving epic duels or adding to your memorabilia, our lightsabers are a must-have for any fan and collector.

Product Details:

  • Single size: About 66.5cm; Connected size: About 133cm (52.36 Inches).
  • Features 1: Can be used as two lightsabers or connected to become the ultimate double saber.
  • Features 2: Each sword with one button activates sound effects & lights.
  • Features 3: Easy on and off – press the "button" 5~6 times to turn off the sound and light.
  • Features 4: Two halves twist-lock together by a connector (included) - can be used individually.
  • Features 5: Requires 3 pieces AAA batteries in each sword (NOT included).


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FAQs - Your Galactic Saber Queries Answered!

1. Q: Are these sabers suitable for dueling?

  • A: Absolutely! Our Galactic Duelling Sabers are crafted for an authentic dueling experience, complete with sound effects and flash modes.

2. Q: Can I connect the sabers to create a double saber?

  • A: Yes, indeed! These sabers can be used individually or connected to form the ultimate double saber.

3. Q: How do I turn off the sound and light?

  • A: To turn off the sound and light, press the "button" 5~6 times. It's that easy!

4. Q: What is the battery requirement for each saber?

  • A: Each saber requires 3 pieces of AAA batteries (NOT included).

5. Q: What is the delivery time for orders within the USA?

  • A: Orders are typically delivered within 5-8 days from our USA warehouse for quick and hassle-free delivery! 🚀🇺🇸


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